Peterography is the photography site of Dr Peter Smith, ardent photographer, traveller and community health worker. Like knowledge, I believe that art that isn’t shared is a bit like Schrodinger’s Cat. Maybe it exists, maybe it doesn’t! Either way, sharing it expands our consciousness and brings joy to some, inspiration to others.

Subject wise, I like to go with the flow and often photograph the ignored oddities and simple things in life, such as my collection of New York fire hydrants. My preference is towards vivid images rich in colour and texture that you can feel. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I end up with something else that appeals just as much.

Like most people who travel, you end up with lots of photos that tell a story, some brilliant, some just for your mind.

Either way, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If any of my work appeals to you it can be purchased online via my Picfair site and shortly I’ll be detailing a gallery connection where you can view some of my work and purchase it ready to hang.

My Gear

Eon’s ago when I started out I used my father’s GB Kershaw roll film camera, bellows and all. It was a step up from a box brownie, but gee it took great photo’s and served my father well. I graduated to a Kodak cassette camera of various sizes that eventually led me to a Pentax 35mm, a home darkroom and lots of fun. I still have my Pentax 35mm gear, albeit not my first one today. The advent of digital photography has seen me take a slower journey from Pentax DSLR to today where I shoot exclusively with Nikon gear.

My kit today consists of Nikon D610, Z6 and a selection of lens covering off from 18mm to 500mm, along with an assortment of flash, filters, macro gear, slide rails etc, well you know the drill. Along with a patient partner who lets me indulge my passion.

I hope you get some joy out of my imagery.

My current gear